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2015.10.28 (Wed)


I'm not sure if anyone missing me here but it has been almost two years didn't updates my blog.
There were a lot of events and happy things happened.
Time flies and people changed.
I'm coming back and I don't think I will focus more on music sharing this time.
But then... No music no life, hence I might be still do some music sharing or lyrics sharing, but it will be more on English Pop Songs and Mandapop Songs.
I'm officially Kpop Songs Veteran.
I might be focus more on my travel experience, cafe hopping and last but not least.....my feeling.
I was thinking to create a new account but I think it would be better if I use back the old account instead since I've been using it for almost 5 years.
Anyways, reason of change my blog's genre is because of I've been traveling around but when I re-visit the same place, I need to re-check information on that place of interest again. It wasted a lot of my own time.
So yeah......

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