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2013.04.27 (Sat)

린 (Lyn) - Lyn 8th #1 유리 심장

 photo Untitled.jpg
아티스트 : 린 (Lyn)
앨범정보 : 싱글, Studio
타이틀곡 : 유리 심장(Feat. 용준형)
장르/스타일 : 가요 > 발라드
발매정보 : 2013.04.26

Track List :
01. 유리 심장(Feat. 용준형)
02. 오늘 밤(Feat. 배치기)
03. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데

Please, don't tell me that she only has three songs for this single album, I wish it has more.
It's so hard for me to wait till her next come back.
Her voice is kinda special and she can sing very well.
Third song is from Bebe Mignon's song(hopefully you know who is Bebe Mignon, they are my constant addiction as well)

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