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2013.01.13 (Sun)

인피니트 H (Infinite H) - Fly High


아티스트 : 인피니트 H (Infinite H)
앨범정보 : EP, Studio
타이틀곡 : Special Girl
장르/스타일 : 가요 > 힙합, 가요 > 아이돌
발매정보 : 2013.01.11

Track List :
1. Victorious Way
2. Special Girl(Feat. 범키)
3. 니가 없을 때(Feat. Zion.T)
4. 못해(Feat. 개코)
5. Fly High(Feat. Baby Soul)

It's the first subgroup of Infinite.
I only remembered they have solo singer but not subgroup, so I supposed this is their first subgroup.
Anyway, this album is not bad. It's kinda difficult to find a nice song from k-pop world.
Maybe is because I'm too busy, and I more focus on under-rated singer and missed too many nice songs.
I like Hoya, basically the reason is I watch too much of reply 1997.
Oh yeah, guys, you must watch reply 1997! It's such a nice korean drama!!! :D

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