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2012.12.02 (Sun)

I Love The Way

I love the way you tell me that I'm beautiful and the way you make me laugh.
I love the way you move my hair away from my eyes and peck me on my forehead.
I love the way you take me to the park and put your hand around fatty waist.
I love the way you'd sing to me at random moments, look at me and smile with that half-moon eye shape.
I love the way you speak your mind out to me and tell me about your opinions.
I love the way you are not afraid to cry and show me your feelings
I love the way you call me in the middle of the day just to say "I love you" and tell me how much you miss me.

It feels like I'm dreaming to have you in my life. I love the way you do all of these and the fact that you are not ashamed to do it.
I love the way you treat me and I'm glad to be yours.

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