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2012.11.24 (Sat)

Some People


Some people are like this.
Some people look down on me.
I think that's the worst moment and the worst feeling I could ever had in my life.
And I think it sounds so funny when I don't even know why they are doing this to me.
Is it because I'm not good enough?
Is it because I'm not pretty enough?
Is it because I'm not skinny enough?
Is it because I have a weak English skill, that's the reason why you look down on me.

Sometime it's really curious me till I almost wanted stand in front of them and ask them why being like this.
But they are always kind. They are always good.
So I'm the only problem right?
To break away, it sounds like I should have change myself.
But I don't want to change myself.
God created me uniquely, I should have still with my own personality, own characteristic.

Maybe I'm a bitch, that's why they look down on me.

It hurts.

It hurts this much.


But still,

Jesus loves you. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, no matter how many times you’ve fallen, He loves you. He’s not surprised, disappointed or shocked by your sin. He’s not mad at you and He’ll never give up on you. Even when you’re right there in the middle of wanting that wrong thing and deciding to do it, Jesus loves you completely and eternally. - Lee Younger

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