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2012.08.25 (Sat)

G-드래곤(G-Dragon) - ONE OF A KIND

Yeah, he is finally back.
And he is back with a hip hop song!
We really have to celebrate this! He is a hip hop boy initially.
It's really happy to see how he make his fashion style back to hip hop style.
All those big pant, his hairstyle and Taeyang hairstyle as well.
All these definitely remind me of their first debut song "La-La-La".
This is that I wished to see.
This is what my sister told me, she said most of the new idol group, they used to act cute for their first few years, then they started to became more manly and lady style and they lost themselves.
It's kinda true, isn't it. Surely have some idol groups are listed in this category in your mind now, I supposed.
I like how GD found back himself. I like GD wears in his hip hop style custom, it looks weird tho.
Just salute to GD and Taeyang because they are so true.

I'm totally addicted to this song. :D

Can't wait till his album release.
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