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2012.07.12 (Thu)

Another Blog Of Mine

I do have some other blogs.
Do you know Tumblr?
It's a microblogging platform and social networking website.
You can reblog as much as you can, regardless Fashion, Idol, Typography, Photography and etc.
Most of the people chose Tumblr cause Tumblr is a place where you can express your own feeling without letting people know. Why?
Because sometimes you don't want them to know about it or you don't know how to explain to them about it.You're scared that they might think you are a weirdo after you told them your true feeling.
Because sometimes when you don't know how to fathom your feeling into words, and it's kinda surprising when you found some typography which created by other people, they have fathomed your true feeling into words.
Conclusion : Your followers can be simply better than your friends. Cause they understand you more, they know your true feeling. (Friends don't included BFF)
So, it's a better place for you to express your own feeling. :)
I'm going to reveal one of them.
Cause I've created a new one after I trusted in God.
This is the link --> cl-has-faith-in-god
This is the normal side of CL. It consists more on God, photography and some funny stuffs. You can always clink on the link that listed on the left side of my blog under Friends & Links.
This is another blog --> BLANK.
LOL, this is the crazy side of CL. I decided to put it blank. cause I want to keep it as secret. Cause it's all about YGE. I did some edits of photo and gifs. Some cursing words appeared in that blog cause I created that blog before I believe in God. @.@
It's not that I feel ashamed to reveal it, it's just that I think I still want to keep my privacy. Yet, if you really want to know, you can always PM me. :D

Have A Nice Day, Beloved!!!! :D
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