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2012.07.10 (Tue)

라즈베리필드 (Raspberry Field) - 토요일 오후에 (Saturday Afternoon)

I think this is the first time I introduce them in my own blog.
Q : How I know them?
A : I'm sort of hardcore blakcjack. I knew this song from Dara's Etude CF with SHINee.
Q : When did you get to know this song?
A : I knew it few months ago.
Q : Reason of introduce them?
A : Cause I like to see how she closes her eyes when she sings on the stage. As if she put herself in that song. I like her voice and I like K-Indie Songs. I think these are the reasons why I introduce them.

Funny of CL, made a Q&A section by herself.
I just think that this group is not bad. It's a mix group, consists one female and one male.

I think I shall post some youtube audio video and live performance videos.
I only recommend one song at this moment. I shall take some time and introduce more and more.
Support them!!! :D

**Perfect Reason is the English Version of Saturday Afternoon.**
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