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2012.07.10 (Tue)

God Is Good!!!

Do you know that God is always good?
Do you know that you can't underestimate the power of prayers?
I'm quite happy today, cause I've passed my driving exam.
It's not easy for a person like me to pass exam on her first time driving exam.
I really not good in driving.
I was so scared when I was taking the exam.
I was super happy when I knew I passed all the exam.
No need to re-take exam, no need to pay extra money.
my BF did pray for me.
I did pray for myself.
I asked God to give me strength, courage and take away all my nervousness.
And He answered my prayer.
Even if I didn't pass my exam, I will try not to cry.
Cause God always gives the best plan to you.
Everything for a reason.
Maybe it's a good thing for me not to pass.
Conclusion, GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD. :D

God bless you, bro and sis!!! :D
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