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2012.07.03 (Tue)

PlanetShakers - Evermore

Lyrics :
I will sing
Of the mercy of the Lord
And I will shout
Of Your faithfulness oh God

For there is none like You
Seated in Your majesty
Holy One I come
To worship You forevermore

You are my God my life my all
And I live for You alone
I am Yours evermore
Heaven and earth Your praise
The wonder of Your name
I'll proclaim evermore


And I will run
Into Your presence
And I will sing
Sing forever

CL : Thanks to CL's BF, I got to know this song and I fall for it.
God is always Good.
Never regret to choose Him. I might have a long and tough journey for me to go through, which I can't stand for it, I might cry for it.
But I have Him. I have God.
I know He will going all these with me, for He will never forsaken me.
His love is never ending no matter what we do to fail Him. He is the greatest.
God Bless you! :D
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