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2012.07.03 (Tue)

윤하(Younha) - 4집 Supersonic


아티스트 : 윤하(Younha)
앨범정보 : 정규, Studio
타이틀곡 : People
장르/스타일 : 가요 > 발라드
발매정보 : 2012.07.03

Track List :
01. Supersonic
02. People
03. Rock Like Star (Ft Tiger JK)
04. Run
05. No Limit
06. 소나기
07. 우린 달라졌을까(Feat. 존박)
08. Set Me Free
09. 크림소스 파스타
10. 기다려줘
11. Driver(Feat. 박재범)
12. Hope

She used to be one of trainee from SM Town.
JYP I'm not sure, YG definitely not in the list.
Luckily she wasn't debut as a singer under SM Town.
Cause it will be such a waste. It just like Zhang Li Yin. She is the best example you can refer to.
She came back with her 4th Album, this album is more on rock songs, which some of them I can't handle it. Sorry guys, I'm not a rocker.. >.<
But still, some songs of this album are not bad. :)
Favorite Song from this Album : 소나기 & Hope.
I like to hear her high pitch. Her tone color is really good.
Her high pitch sounds so comfortable to me. :D

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