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2012.07.02 (Mon)

15th Years Anniversary YG Family Concert Making DVD

I started with my busy life again.
No time for entertainment.
No time for YG also.
But not regret for all those precious time I've spent with someone special.
I shall try my best to update more.

YG Concert on 2011, finally YGE released with a DVD version!!!
I'm going to get one of them without doubt.
I just like YGE so much. There is a reason why I like them so much.
They are just simple awesome, simple different compare to other.
They have their own style. They have their own concept.
They don't copy and they are asking people to follow them.
Why I said so? Best Example : 2NE1's try to follow me.
Finally found some YG Concert Making DVD videos on youtube.
I shall come out with the concert soon.
Wait patiently.
**If you can't wait, just go to youtube and search for it. :)**

CL's comment : I like how DaeSung smile. He came back blissfully. How he overcome his problem when he was having depression due to that accident.
When everyone is criticised him and he chose to look for God, trust in God, and God is always great. This is what has God done for DaeSung.
He made a great plan for him.
How Great is Our God!!!! :D

CL's comment : Now I knew CL's another nickname, poodung!!!Hehe..
and also TOP, he really like to do bounce, he is super funny as usual.
Gummy looks so pretty from this video. :D

I wish I can go their concert! surely will get a lot of fun!!! :D
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