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2012.06.25 (Mon)

Demi Lovato - True Inspiration to Girls

I like her.
She is such a lovely girl.
She is never the same compare to other.
In her past, she was being bullied, she was suffer with eating disorder, she used to cut herself because she was constantly feel bad inside herself.
She screwed up her life before. She thought that being a celebrity is so dangerous.
Yet, she is back.
She is getting better. She tried her best to tell every girl that they are beautiful.
She basically inspired a lot of girls, because she knew how they feel.
The feeling when they were being bullied.
The feeling when people called them ugly.
The feeling when people called them fat even they were just joking around.
The feeling when they having eating disorder just to stay pretty.
She knew it, cause she went through all these feelings.
But now she trust in God. After she trust in God, everything has changed.
She became what she is now.
She changed her mind. She doesn't care how people say about her.
Being compete with everyone else, she'd rather being herself.
She is not a true inspiration to only one person, but to thousands millions girls in the world.

Enjoy the videos. Her recent live performances. I want to watch her concert so badly!!!
Stay strong. :D
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