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2012.06.07 (Thu)

To : Dearest Sin Lee

She is my best friend.
Best friend who I will never forget in my life.
Best friend who I keep contact with until I become auntie, grandma.
We knew each other since secondary school.
We were in the same band, same section.
We always play together.
We always have same thinking.
We always have same sense.
We always know each other.
And the incredible part is,
We never fight, we never offend each other and we seem like never make each other angry before.
I never angry to her and I also don't know how could this happen to us.
It sounds kinda amazing, isn't it?
Meet Best Friend Forever and Ever, Ms Sah Sin Lee.
She is going to United Kingdom soon.
For three months.
Even it's only three months, it sounds so long to me.
Cause I'm just back from there.
I miss our pillow talk.
I miss our gossip talk.
I miss our sing k section.
I miss our movie section.
I miss our concert section.
and a lot a lot.
All the best to her and hope she can get a mat salleh there.. >.<

Dear Sah Sin Lee,
You're going to United Kingdom soon.
I really have to say sorry to you as I should have go there with you instead for two months.
Don't be so sad as we are planning to somewhere else next year!!! :D
Don't forget me after you went there, if not I will be really sad.
Thanks for being my best friend for more than 8 years.
I feel so lucky to have you in my life.(**dear readers, I'm not gay..LOL.. >.< she is not either.)
All the best to you and cheers!!!!

Many Love,

**purposely chose this for you, happy?? >.<**
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