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2012.06.07 (Thu)

Thank You & Appreciation Note

Dear All,

Proudly to announce that CL's Get Lost Trip in 2012 has finally came to an end.
I would say that..
Throughout this trip, I did learn a lot.
About Food.
About Love.
About People.
About Culture.
About Feelings.
There were so many things happened throughout this trip.
From the beginning to the end.
Full of challenges.
But I'm glad that I faced all of them, regardless good or bad.
I shall travel to Europe again as I just went to few places.
I wish I can go to more places in future.

There are a lot of persons appeared in my Get Lost Trip.
I got to know some new friends. I got to know more about my own friends.
The moment when I knew myself did something wrong, which I judged people without open their cover, their real face, their real personality.
The moment when I know how true the fact is which we shouldn't judge people by it's cover.
Only God can judge. He doesn't even judge us, why do we judge, we have no right at all, to judge them.
And the moment you thought you know that person well yet actually you are not.
I hope I can get another get another Get Lost Trip.
Once in Life Time. :)

There are a lot of person which I have to thank to.
They helped me a lot during my visit to their place.
They give me their hands when I need them.
They are just simply awesome.
Guys, thanks so much.
Again and Again.

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