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2012.05.28 (Mon)

Get Lost 2012 - Part 16

21 & 22 May 2012

Went to Paris with friend today.
We took bus from Bristol University of West England to London Victoria Coach Station.
From there, we have to for one hour before we board to another bus and go to Paris.
Basically, we overnight in the bus.
We need to take ferry from Dover to Paris.
We arrived in Porte Maillot Bus Station around 8am.
Upon arrival, we walked to the nearest metro train station and went to our hostel.
It took us quite a long time, cause we don't know how to look at the metro map.
And the stuff of the station cheated us.
Hmm, we don't know how to speak French, we were asking for 10 single way tickets, we gave her money and she asked whether we have coins or not, as we don't have, my friend used his credit card to pay first. Then she took our money again and gave us back the change. (we only found it when my friend checked his account amount in hostel.)
As we arrived in hostel quite early in the morning, we have to put our luggage into luggage room and start our one day trip in Paris.
We are staying in Montmarte Area. As we know that there is a nice place, which is Sacre Coeur.. From there, you may view some part of Paris City. Weather is not that good today, a bit windy and full of clouds..
Due to friend forgot to bring his document, we have to walk back to hostel again, actually hostel and Sacre Coeur is not far from each other, but.. we have to climb to the hill if we have to go to Sacre Soeur.
After my friend took his document, I thought we are going to take metro to city center. Yet my friend told me that we should walk instead so that we can have a look on their culture and lifestyle. So we just took Paris map and started to walk. Walked about 10 minutes, then only know we are at the wrong side, we should walked back to Montmarte Hill and walk downhill again...
So we started to walk again.. -.- It's actually killing us so much, cause it's not easy to walk up to the Montmarte Hill, from the map, it looks so small, when we were walking to city center, then only we knew that we guessed it wrongly. Paris is super huge!!!!!
We used about few hours walked to The Louvre. (we walked at the wrong side again while we were walking to The Louvre. T.T)
And my leg got hurt due to some reason, but I tried to walk and walk as we have to save time..we only have two nights here.. :(
From The Louvre, you can see Place De La Concorde, so we started to walk again.
We saw Amorino while we were walking to Place De La Concorde, so we decided to buy ice-cream as our lunch!!! :D
It really taste nice even though got a bit expensive.. First time experience the moment where you are having ice-cream in the cold weather, it was so fun!!!!
After rested for a while, we started to walk again, until we walked to Place De La Concorde, we saw Arc De Triomphe again, so we decided to walk again as we already walked until here.
But, it was so so far away, we walked until we have to rested a while again at the half way, cause their roads are super huge and super long!!!!
Then we saw a long long boutique shops area before we arrive Arc De Triomphe, that day Adidas Boutique Shop was having a special event, they invited one of Real Madrid's player, Karim? Hmm, so sorry if I gave the wrong information as I really know nothing about Real Madrid.. >.<
Then we stopped by LV shop as my friend need to buy something for his mum. Spent about one hour there, we have to queue up before we go in and need to wait until got staff to serve you.
Finally we arrived Arc De Triomphe, after we took the picture of this famous building, we walked back to The Louvre as we would like to take the night view of The Louvre.
Due to Daylight Saving, we have to wait a long time, so we just went back after we had our dinner near that area as both of us felt so tired.


Sacre Coeur

Saw this lovely old couple at Sacre Coeur, remind me of UP. :)

When we need to climb up to Montmarte Hill or go back to hostel..

One of the building.

Look!! Their road is so huge!!!



The Louvre



Place De La Concorde

He is Karim, isn't it?


Arc De Triomphe


One of the bridge in Paris City.

Free Model.. >.<
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