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2012.05.25 (Fri)

Get Lost 2012 - Part 14

**It's been a long time again, so sorry for the late update.**

15th May 2012

Well, today... I woke up quite early in the morning, cause need to take train to Bristol, one of the best county in United Kingdom. :D
I have one friend who is living in Bristol, basically not only one, got two, but I only contacted one of them..
Upon arrival, my friend picked me up and we walked to his house, it only took us about 3 minutes to arrive his house.
We rested at his house for a while, then we took bus to central.
He brought me to walk around center area and suspension bridge.
As per my friend's experience, he told me that cinema in Bristol is the best cinema ever, so we watched one movie in that cinema, we watched "The Hunger Games". :D
My fried was being so nice, he cooked me some nice food as well.
We had our dinner at 10pm..

Clifton Suspension Bridge
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