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2012.05.13 (Sun)

Happy Mother's Day


I love her.
She is the most beautiful person on this earth.
She is the best mom to me in this whole world.
She does everything for me.
She always there when I need her.
She always help me out when I'm in a trouble.
She taught me everything.
She always supports me for right things and convinces me not to do wrong things.
She is my best supporter.
She is my best friend.
She always listen to me.
I know sometimes I can be such a bitch when I'm angry or when I'm argue with her.
But now I have Him, He taught a lot also, I know how to control all my anger, and I lover her more.
I love you, mum.
And Happy Mother's Day!!!

A human body can bear only 45 del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth , a mother feels up to 57 del of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured, all at the same time.
It's a fact.
My mom is just awesome and great.
I'm so fat when I was born. >.<
Love you again, mom!!!
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