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2012.05.08 (Tue)

Get Lost 2012 - Part 10

3rd May 2012

Today's weather is not good as yesterday, not really sunny. But at least it didn't rain. :D

Due to my friend has to finish her assignment plus I don't want to bother her again, so I went out alone and walked alone.:)
My friend did help me a lot in everything, I really appreciate it!!!
I'm actually quite good in direction.. >.< and UK always has a correct sign board to show us the way. So, ya.. I could find the places I wanted to go easily. :)
I walked to Bold Street and High Street again, these are streets you have to pass by if you want to go to Albert Dock.
Oh ya, Liverpool is a nice place to shopping, I almost broke yesterday, I really bought a lot.. and every single shop they have are just..huge!!!
Once I arrived Albert Dock main entrance, I could see..Liverpool Eye on my left side, Museum of Liverpool, Royal Liver Building on my right side.
Decided to walk to the left side first, before you head to left side, you may see Merseyside Maritime Museum, they having a major exhibition which called Titanic & Liverpool : the untold story. This exhibition is till next year, so if you are a Titanic fans, it's a must visit place!! :D
Before you reach Albert Dock, you will see the Beatles Museum as well, I didn't go in, cause need to pay entrance fee. :D
I walked to Liverpool Museum and Royal Liver Building and have a look as well.

After that..I went to Starbucks, grabbed a coffee and rested a while, my leg and shoulder are almost dead. I walked back to friend's house and have fun with them for rest of the day.

Museum of Liverpool and some other buildings.

Albert Dock


The Beatles Story


Water Bus. An amazing bus.

Royal Liver Buildings

Titanic & Liverpool : The Untold Story
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