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2012.05.08 (Tue)

제이레빗 (J Rabbit) - 2집 Looking Around


아티스트 : 제이레빗 (J Rabbit)
앨범정보 : 정규, Studio
타이틀곡 : 알고있을까?
장르/스타일 : 가요 > 포크, 가요 > 인디
발매정보 : 2012.04.25

Track List
1. Intro : Where Is Love
2. Looking Around
3. 알고있을까?

4. 잠이솔솔
5. If You Love Me (Acoustic)
6. Happy Things
7. 웃으며 넘길래
8. 우리 했던 이야기

9. 그래 새롭게
10. 하루를 시작하는 방법
11. God Is Right
12. 집으로 가는길 (Inst.)

Sorry for the late update, it has been almost two weeks since this album released.
They finally came out with a new album, really happy about it.
It's not easy for underrated singer to release nice songs as in now everyone is so much into Korean commercialize songs.
Not to say I never listen to Korean commercialize songs, of course I do listen, is just that sometimes, me and some of my friends, would think..why do people listen those..weird commercialize songs..@.@
(you shall close this if I built your anger,bear in mind,this is my blog,I can always write what I like and dislike.Apologies if I really made you angry, cheers!)
Anyway, back to main topic, this group is not idol group, they are fall under, vocal and indie group, so happy to see this..
I'm actually very happy,cause I found them..Their voice are sweet, they are very good in singing, they can play various music instruments, their relationship are good and and and..they love God. :D

The moment when your favorite singer or group can't perform on stage like Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core, and you saw this!!

Support them!!!
:D :D

NOTE: Please support Artists by purchasing original music from authorized distributors. Thank You.
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