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2012.05.06 (Sun)

Me and This Guy.

I love Him, I love Him.
Because He loves me, He gave me this guy.
How depress I used to be previously before I encounter love from Him.
I'm different now after I encountered love from Him, His unfailing love.
I surrendered all myself to Him, I gave Him to take charge all my plan.
What He plans for me, it's always has been the best plan in my life.
And I met this guy. :)
A guy who loves me for who I am.
A guy who understands like no others.
A guy who always miss me.
A guy who tells me perfection is not important to him.
A guy who tells me I'm the most beautiful girl in this world.
A guy who teaches me everything about Him.
A guy who loves Him more than me.
A guy who tells me he will always loves me even I hurt him.
This guy is so stupid right?

But I love this guy.
Because this guy loves Him more than me. To me, this is the most important thing.
Not only that, this guy can makes me happy.
This guy understands all my feelings, this guys even know what's in my mind and knows me super well.
This guy doesn't judge me, this guy keep proving me he is really different compare to other guys.
This guy is respects me as well.
Yes, I'm in love with this guy and we are dating now. :D



Due to both of us far far apart away from each other, we can't hold hands together, we can't hug each other and we can't do things together as well. :(

I can't wait to spend our lives together.
I can't wait to worshiping God together.
I can't wait to pray with you together.
I can't wait to read bible with you together
I can't wait to help each other in God's walk.
I can't wait..
because God has the best plan for me and whatever that is, I know I'll love it.

He sent me this, and this is the reason why i said he is a respectful guy, he said he will always respect me, seldom guy will being this respectful, am I right? :)

I will make his dream comes true. :)

he sent me this as well, he is lovely, right?

this is what both of us agree to. :D

I love that you know me.
I love the way you say my name.
I love the way you want to tell me things.
I love that we laugh about the same things.
I love our conversation.
I love that you care, even if it's not the kind of care that I want.
I love how you're such a nerd sometimes.
I love that you are concerned about me.
I love how you know how I'm feeling.
I love how we share things together.
I love how you trust me.
I love that I was able to meet you.
I love you.

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