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2012.05.05 (Sat)

Get Lost 2012 - Part 8

01st May 2012

I know I should update it earlier, but really sorry..
I have no time and busy travelling. >.<
This post will be a post without any photos, cause on this day I just take train to Liverpool.
I met up with my friend over there, it's a pretty girl as well, she is studying over there.. :)
Oh ya, and her name is Mei Quin. :D
I took a train in the evening, from Portsmouth and Southsea Station to London, Waterloo.
And from there, I took underground train to London, Euston Station.
I waited there for few hours and take a off peak period train from London to Liverpool.
MQ and her friend are so nice, they waited me at the station and we took taxi back to her place.
The happy moment when you got the warmest greetings from your friend.
It was totally awesome.
We had girls chat that night, ended up we slept around 2.30am?
Oh ya, forgot to say, I'm actually travel alone from Portsmouth to Liverpool.
Cause friends are busy with their study.. :D
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