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2012.04.27 (Fri)

B.A.P (비에이피) - [싱글] Power


아티스트 : B.A.P (비에이피)
앨범정보 : 싱글, Studio
타이틀곡 : Power
장르/스타일 : 가요 > 힙합, 가요 > 아이돌
발매정보 : 2012.04.27

Track List :
1. Fight For Freedom
2. Power
3. What The Hell
4. 전부 거짓말

Well, they came back with a new single album.
I hope they can get Rookie Award for every Award Event in South Korea.
They are really different compare to other Rookie group in 2012.
No one can bet them at this moment.
How they perform on stage, that showmanship, that is the most powerful things they have.
It is something you can't see from other, some senior groups also can't bet them.
With those powerful dance, they still can sing well, this is another powerful thing they have.
These are the points which make me salute to them so much.
It's a group which worth to support.

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