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2012.04.15 (Sun)

Get Lost 2012 - Part 5

13th April 2012

It's 11.00pm, 14th April 2012 in UK now.
Yesterday I went to Southsea again, used shortcut way to walk over there..
I love walking here, even thought the weather is always windy, as long as you see the sun, you still can feel the heat of the sun. And the most important thing is you can keep fit.. >.<
Well, I went there alone yesterday, so.. now self potrait and I lazy to do selca..
Basically, it's just a beach? Oh, it's not just a beach, there is a funfair, there is a circus, there is a southsea castle, there is a museum, there is a butterfly.. so, it's quite happening..
But what I did yesterday was walking walking and walking, until I felt my legs are going to die.. -.-
Beach in Portsmouth is quite special, there are not sand but stones. So, it's really special compare to other beach.

Why I took this photo, simply it's because of Big Bang. I think VIPs will understand. :)

Always saw some nice flowers while I was walking.

This is Southsea Beach.

I like the cloud, looks nice. :)

I think the water is too cold, no one actually playing with water..

Southsea Castle and some cute girls.:D

Southsea beach again

Can you see, the little rainbow. I like this so so much.. :D
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