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2013.07.06 (Sat)

브라더수 (Brother Su) - 1집 Paper

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아티스트 : 브라더수 (Brother Su)
앨범정보 : 정규, Studio
타이틀곡 : 윗집 여자
장르/스타일 : 가요 > R&B/소울
발매정보 : 2013.07.04

Track List :
1. Intro
2. 왜 이러니(Feat. 스윙스)
3. 소심해서 그래(Feat. 달총이)
4. 윗집 여자
5. 좋대요
6. I'm With You(Feat. Ra.D)
7. 다른 별(Feat. Lovey)

8. 팔베개
9. Outro (늦잠)
10. It Was You (CD Only) (Bonus Track)

He returned back with his own 1st album.
I have been waiting this for few years.
One of my favorite K-Indie Male Singer.
All songs composed by him and lyrics by him also.
And he is same age as me.
He is very talented right? Smart?
But too bad, he is too under-rated.
I wish he can become famous, just like J-Rabbit!
Maybe they can come out with a collaboration in future.
Just saying~~~
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