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2011.08.12 (Fri)


via weibo

This is totally shocking!
It's W logo, so means it is from W Magazine, isn't it.
Wah wah wah, as SM Town has a series of of Paris photo without her existence in W Magazine, which is so unfair to her and chocolate.
So this is the present from W Magazine to her?!
I like it!!! So muchy!!!
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2011.08.11 (Thu)

Diet tea which recommended by Zhang Li Yin//张力尹推荐的神丹妙药

Zhang Li yin has recommended one of the diet tea thru weibo.

Weibo : After eating this chinese herbal medicine for just a day I lost 1 kg of weight. Eating this medicine helps control your appetite, and it doesn’t have any side-effect to the body as well. This was introduced (to me) by a friend. At first I don’t quite trust in it, but after I ate it yesterday I wasn’t really hungry up till now! When I watch the many delicious food broadcasted on the TV it was surprising that I don’t have the appetite at all! To people that are losing weight, this medicine is seriously the best choice! Miraculous medicine! (translate by aethia321 at twitter.)

But, they is some additional information need to be add on :

- qqson said that Liyin has been exercising in the gym for 2 hours everyday, yet she didn’t emphasize on that. Thus Liyin’s weight loss was also attributed from her constant exercising aside from the weight loss product she consumed above.
- qqson mentioned to zhangliyin baidu bar that this medicine formula will cost about 2000-3000 renminbi for a month. She says that not all types of body is suitable to consume this and will require directly seeing the doctor first to consult before consuming this. She also say she was worried that people will casually go to the chinese herbal shop to purchase medicine, and if anything happens, would put the blame that Liyin was the one that recommended it. She says Liyin has indeed been working hard exercising, but she might have had a moment of excitement and bought that. qqson hopes that everyone will lose weight properly through exercising and healthy food intake.

P/S : qqson is Li Yin's friend, always go out with Zhang Li Yin.

1 kg one day. Oh my gosh, I want to take this also. Anyway, need to ask for doctor's consultant also before you intake it. She almost updates us about her diet and her singing practice or recording. Quite happy as she getting nearer to her comeback.

But,still.. Her comeback always delay without any reasons and I hate it so damn much! Please, SM TOWN, let her back as soon as possible. Many chocolates are waiting for her comeback. Don't always put attention on SNSD or ShiNEE. This is totally unfair to her. AT ALL

She is so pretty. 身材..超好!
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2011.03.27 (Sun)


via tumblr

- 张力尹

I used to think without you, I would lose the whole world, but now that you’re gone, my world is still there. It seems, losing a lover, it doesn’t relate to the world; It seems, I just temporarily couldn’t see my directions clearly, or perhaps I wasn’t willing to move forward; It seems, you have hurt me, only because I gave you the chance to hurt me. ———- When I cry I feel wronged, but inside my heart I’m actually slowly learning to be stronger. If I’m not willing, no one, can hurt me.
- Zhang Li Yin

Gosh, what happened to you? Don't tell me is him.
I don't believe, both you love each other.
Your words were really touching. I would cry if I read when I have the same situation as you.
Without Doubt.
Be strong, only thing that you can do.

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2011.02.28 (Mon)

Happy Birthday, ZLY.

via zhang li yin's weibo

It's Zhang Li Yin day. 22 years old this year. Stayed in South Korea for 7 years.
Chocolate still waiting for your new album.
Love ya.


Love from China's chocolate. So near yet so far.
I wish I could able to watch your live performance in future.
One of my dream.

SJ-M was back. Last few days.
So you will come back in March, right?

Are you sure you are in South Korea.
Don't you few cold?
Why wear short? -.- So sexy!!!
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2011.02.18 (Fri)

생일 축하합니다,창민 씨

via tumblr

via tumblr

Happy Birthday to you!
You are not handsome but I like you.
I like your personality.
Can't stop myself to look at you when your photo is just right in front of me.
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